How to use self hypnosis recordings and self-hypnosis CDs and MP3s and downloads

How to use self-hypnosis recordings?
Do they really work?

Do you really need to see a hypnotherapist? Can you effectively use self-hypnosis recordings in place of a therapist?

The answer is yes - though for moderate to severe conditions (anxiety, depression, stress etc) you will find the individual support, advice and care from a trained therapist to be indispensable.

In my hypnotherapy practice a good deal of the work is done outside of the session by my client listening to the therapeutic CDs I give them. Motivating and inspiring the client to really use the CDs is essential. Also making sure a client understands what is hypnosis and the active role that a client plays in hypnosis is essential too.

However if someone understands how hypnosis works, follows the suggestions given in the CD or MP3 and uses a recording once a day for a week or two - then some significant progress can be made without the help of a therapist.

Many hypnotherapists spend the first two sessions focusing on teaching relaxation and doing ego-strengthening (i.e. confidence building).

The reason isn't that relaxation is required for hypnosis (alert hypnosis can be just as powerful) but rather that most people coming to see a hypnotherapist suffer from a degree of anxiety or stress. Phobias, habitual behaviours, insomnia, IBS, weight control issues - as well social anxiety, performance anxiety and of course stress - as well as many other psychosomatic conditions are rooted in excess anxiety. Relaxation and anxiety are opposite states - you simply can't be relaxed and anxious at the same time. So teaching a client how to relax their body is fundamental to the management of anxiety.

Ego-strengthening is regarded as fundamental to mental health - and indeed to any aspect of life. Ego-strengthening is basically confidence building - and focuses on the client building up a sense of self-efficacy or self-effectiveness. The feeling "I can do it" is absolutely essential to functioning in this world. For simple activities such as walking, talking, driving the car etc. most of us automatically know "I can do it" - we are not even conscious of the belief that we can do it. However you can see that if someone becomes increasingly anxious then when it comes to performing at work - or even perhaps venturing outside - then the belief "I can do it" often becomes more fragile.

Therefore building up the core sense of self-effectiveness - and confidence in fundamental abilities like memory, vitality, emotional calm, ability to relax etc is essential.

So if you are considering using self-hypnosis CDs or MP3 recordings to treat yourself at home - I would recommend working for the first week or two with Relaxation and Self-Confidence recordings to create a strong foundation. Then in the following weeks you can focus on a recording that addresses your specific issue - whether that is Smoking, Weight Control, a specific phobia - or any other issue. Indeed many clients find their issues mostly resolved through doing the fundamental work of relaxation and confidence building.

How to use self-hypnosis recordings - CDs or MP3s





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