Free Self-hypnosis recordings and free self hypnosis downloads MP3s

Featuring the top Self Hypnosis MP3 recordings available for FREE download

Here are the top ten self-hypnosis downloads - all MP3 - and all free!

Each of these are from leading professional hypnotherapists - offering free full length examples of their work. These are not just a section or sample from a recording - these are full length working recordings with real therapeutic benefits.

These downloads don’t require you to subscribe to any newsletters or make any other purchases. These are full length hypnosis sessions and are not just partial samples. In due course I will begin reviewing these and giving you the TOP TEN free hypnosis downloads.

1. Three of David Pierce’s Hypnosis recordings:

- Hypnosis for Weight Control
- The Gift of Relaxation
- Releasing Your Hold on Cigarettes


2. Free Self Hypnosis for Relaxation and Confidence

12 minute MP3 recording for Relaxation and Confidence by Cognitive Hypnotherapist Mark Davis
This is an abbreviated version of the classic ego-strengthening hypnosis written by Professor John Hartland - one of the leading UK experts on hypnosis.

3. Relaxing hypnosis from Joshua Singer

From the Absolute Peak Hypnosis Centre in New York
( Not really an MP3 – you have to stream it from the webpage. )

4. A Free five minute spider phobia cure

5. Free recording: Relaxation At Your Command by Steve Luzern

6. Deep and Slow Hypnosis Relaxation by Ananga Sivyer

7. Three free hypnosis recordings by Victoria Wizell

8. Several free full length MP3 hypnosis sessions for kids.

9. FIVE free hypnosis MP3s from Silvia Hartman

- Ice River Energy Hypnosis MP3
- Heart Healing Energy Hypnosis MP3
- Winds Of Change Energy Hypnosis MP3
- Underwater Flying Energy Meditation MP3
- Deep & Slow Guided Energy Meditation MP3

10. Set of breast enlargement MP3s by Kenneth Blake.
Very generous. A full system of breast enlargement recordings. Save yourself thousands of pounds (or dollars!) Does it work? There is a surprising amount of good evidence that breast enlargement through suggestion can work (if you can have a phantom pregnancy and have your breasts grow larger then why not?). These inductions contain the warning that they are “suprisingly outrageous”. Be warned!

Sites that require registration or sign up (but no charges so still free)
A free Duncan McCall recording – Rapid Relaxation
Email registration for this free hypnosis session on motivation

Good Samples

  • only samples – but great voice, music and script!



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